Titterstone Clee Heritage Trust (TCHT) - charity No. 1120659

The Novers Phase Two:

The main subject of phase one was to for purchase, to secure the immediate future survival of the Novers. Phase two will be based on the conservation plan. It is necessary to fully understand the resource before committing to future plans. However it is possible to at least outline the longer term TCHT aspirations for the site.

Provide a more complete access to the site with planned and sensitively constructed pathways.

Enhance the interpretation and presentation of the site.

Enhance wildlife potential of the site with a program of nest-box and species specific habitat improvement. Examples include log piles for beetle and insect habitation, bee boxes, bat boxes, owl and other species bird boxes. There are several wet areas which may possibly be improved and may provide a suitable site for the establishment of a small pond or ponds.

Develop the woodland product potential of the site towards a more secure financial standing, with full regard to diverse habitat retention.

Pursue a planning application for a study facility building onsite