Titterstone Clee Heritage Trust (TCHT) - charity No. 1120659

Titterstone Clee Hill named on the "The Mappa Mundi".

Titterstone Clee Hill is unique in being the only named hill to be shown on the 14th century map of the world "The Mappa Mundi" preserved in the library of Hereford Cathedral.

Mappa Mundi clip

The aim of the Titterstone Clee Heritage Trust is to put Titterstone Clee back into it's rightful place.

By raising public awareness of it's rich natural history and heritage.

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The Aims of Titterstone Clee Hill Heritage Trust.

To conserve and enhance Titterstone Clee Hill and its surrounding environs, its heritage, history, flora and fauna, geology and substantial cultural remains

To make known to the people of Shropshire visitors to Shropshire and the nation at large the unique nature of Titterstone Clee and its features of special archaeological, geological, historical and natural historical interest